“I was a total newbie, but now I feel like a seasoned professional! The step-by-step modules are easy to follow and full of essential info. Thank you, VA Solutions Hub!”

Stacey Solomon, Mom of 3 and VA from the UK

Start Your Virtual Assistant Journey Today.

Kickstart your work-from-home career with our supportive, beginner-friendly VA course designed with moms in mind.

“Unlock the Potential of Virtual Assistance” is a course that equips you with the key skills and knowledge to become a successful VA, specially designed for moms and beginners.

Before I started my journey as a Virtual Assistant, I believed it required complex tech skills and years of administrative experience.

But it turns out, becoming a great VA is more about organization, efficiency, and learning the right tools.

In “Unlock the Potential of Virtual Assistance”, you'll learn the practical strategies and techniques used by successful VAs, without needing an IT degree.

By the end of the course, you'll feel confident and ready to dive into the world of Virtual Assistance, equipped to handle any task thrown your way.

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Course Outline

Get a sneak peek at the wealth of content covered in the course. Everything you need to become a successful VA is here.

“Unlock the Potential of Virtual Assistance” is a comprehensive and user-friendly course designed to equip you with the key skills and knowledge needed for a successful VA career.

  1. Getting Started

  2. Fundamentals

Live Recordings

Live Virtual Assistant training 3x a week from industry experts with step-by-step guidance to get you started and keep you on track.

Feel confident in on your new career path with calls on the most in-demand skills and techniques. We cover everything you need to know to get started as a Virtual Assistant.

  1. Introduction to Virtual Assistance

    Introduction to Virtual Assistance

    Get a comprehensive understanding of the virtual assistance industry, its benefits, and how it provides flexible work opportunities for moms and newbies looking to break into the field.

  2. Navigating the VA Industry

    Navigating the VA Industry

    Learn how to navigate the virtual assistance field, discover its various domains, and identify the niche that suits your skills and interests.

  3. Maximizing Your VA Potential

    Maximizing Your VA Potential

    Explore strategies and best practices to maximize your potential as a Virtual Assistant, enhance your skills, and deliver top-notch services to your clients.

  4. Advanced VA Techniques

    Advanced VA Techniques

    Dive into advanced techniques and industry secrets to stand out in the VA industry, increase your efficiency, and create a loyal client base.


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

Design assets, icon teardowns, and a community of fellow icon designers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your learning.

  1. VA Skill Enhancement Guides

    Comprehensive guides to help you hone your Virtual Assistance skills for various tasks and industries.

  2. Weekly VA Success Stories

    Weekly videos where we share success stories of moms and newbies who have made a breakthrough in the VA industry, and dissect their journey for you to learn from.

  3. Exclusive Facebook Group

    A private Facebook group where you can connect with other aspiring Virtual Assistants, get help, and share feedback on each others' progress.

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Jesutomi Fanimokun – Hey there, I’m the creator behind “VA Solutions Hub”.

I've been a professional virtual assistant for more than a decade, partnering with numerous top-tier clients and companies. My broad range of experiences has not only shaped me into an expert in the field but also a mentor to many aspiring virtual assistants. In addition to working, I've been conducting workshops and webinars on virtual assistance for the last three years. These experiences have allowed me to refine my teaching approach to resonate with anyone who has a desire to explore the virtual assistance industry. Feel free to follow me on Facebook for more updates and insights!

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